AlliedSoft offers professional integrated services to their clients since 2003.

Main areas: software distribution and support, software development, SaaS/Cloud services, GIS services.


We believe in long-term partnership and know that Customers' trust is our most valuable asset.


  • Certified ISO 27001:2014 Compliant Information Security Policy
  • Experienced management (+20 years of working experience)
  • Full-scale IT services for top risk (Financial/Investment) sector customers
  • Continuous presence on the Automotive DMS market since 2003
  • Our buisness strategy: quality over quantity


  • Experience in building expert project task teams
  • Swift reaction to both the market processes and the customer demands
  • Extensive network and know-how in the European Automotive retail IT business
  • Automotive DMS team: almost 20 highly experienced senior team members
  • Fast adaptation to challenges

Strong regional presence

  • Direct presence as Automotive DMS distributor in 7 CEE countries (HU, RO, SI, HR, RS, BG, AL)
  • Regional Support Centre at Budapest operated in 6 languages
  • Extensive experience in Automotive Retail IT /DMS projects both in CEE and Western/Nordic Europe
  • Providing solutions and services for more than 100 dealers (and 25 brands) in 7 countries
  • Supporting > 3000 end-users


AlliedSoft has experience in multiple areas:

- more than 18 years of experience in Automotive DMS software product development and consulting
- software distribution for Automotive and security products
- Turn-key integrated IT solutions for the Automotive Retail IT business
- modeling of complex buisness processes
- software development with different tools
- operating mission critical systems
- providing HA Cloud / SaaS services
- GIS and professional satellite imagery services

  • One of the top DMS systems worldwide, present in 42 countries, + 40 000 end users
  • Developed in Finland, owned by DMS giant CDK Global International Inc.
  • 30+ agreements with strategic OEMs, Dealer Associations and Parts Distributors
  • AlliedSoft is AutoMaster partner and distributor since 2003
  • We are present as AutoMaster distributor in 6 CEE countries, we opeate regional support center at Budapest in 6 languages
  • AlliedSoft has extensive experience in DMS projects involving AutoMaster both in CEE and Western/Nordic Europe


Software as a Service
  • Use the software application, we take care of the rest!
  • Using the services does not require investment from the Customer
  • Pay-Per-Use
  • We provide full technical background (Hardware, Software, Administration, Security, Backups)
  • All IT-related risks handled by us
  • Flexibility to use up to three version control systems at the same time (Subversion, GIT, Mercurial)
  • Easy and sophisticated access and permission management
  • User-friendly changelog and graphlog
  • High-end break through and data leakage prevention
  • Innovative collaboration tools (smart code review, smart commit, process enforcement)
  • Multiple repository and instance management
  • Built-in analytics and management information system
  • Firewall (both HW and SW) developed and manufactured in Europe
  • The only firewall complying with EU standards for handling top classified documents
  • Fast, user friendly, self-learning interface
  • High life expectancy (9-13 years MTBF)
  • Modular, fail-safe architecture with redundant power supply and drives
  • Meeting defense industry standards
  • Cognitive endpoint security solution from Finland
  • Centralized management
  • Safety solutions for servers, workstations and mobile devices
  • Heuristic Analysis and real-time threat intelligence
  • Protection on-site, in virtual enviroment and in cloud
Respecting our core values does make a difference, marking our place among the professional IT service providers focused on the Automotive industry.


We are proud to call them our happy customers:
Dealers and Importers of Mercedes network in south-central Europe (Albania, Bulgaria, Hungary, Romania, Slovenia)
Car dealers for 20+ brands in four South-Central European countries (Hungary, Romania, Serbia, Slovenia)
Bavaria Group, Romania
Mol Group
Pantaservice, Italy
Silver Star, Bulgaria
Tiriac Group, Romania


Allied Software Systems Kft 
1115 Budapest, Bartók Béla road 105-113. (Bartók Court Offices)

Central phone: +36 1-920-1550

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